Lifen liu

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Lifen liu
Title : Professor
Tel. : 0411-84706173
Email :
Group : Environmental Pollution Control Engineering

Education and Working Experiences


1992, Ph.D Degree from Dalian University of Technology
1988, Master Degree from Dalian University of Technology
1985, B. Degree from Dalian University of Technology

1997-1998-1999 Visiting scholar and collaborator in Sydney University , Australia
2000.12-2001.7, 2003.9-2004.9 Research associate in HKUST, HK
2010-2011, for 6 month, senior research fellow(visiting fellow) in Georgia Institute of Technology , USA
1992- now , lecturer , associate professor and professor in DUT

Research Field

Environmental pollution control Engineering
(1) Minute electric field and conductive membrane EMBR for efficient fouling control and wastewater treatment
(2) nano-composite/functional membrane process and material for pollutant removal
(3) integrated membrane process for wastewater treatment, reuse and polluted water purification
(4) composite nanomaterial and environmental applications



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